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New York Divorce Lawyer

If you are contemplating a separation or divorce in New York or if you or your spouse is contesting the custody of your children, you are entitled to receive fast and effective legal solutions that restore your peace of mind.

Why Ingrid Gherman can help

AttorneyNew York divorce lawyer Ingrid Gherman will help you find the legal solutions to get your life back on track. She has been a practicing matrimonial attorney for more than 35 years. Knowledgeable, determined, and compassionate, Ingrid Gherman is committed to guide and protect you and your family during the entire separation and divorce process as well as custody and parenting plans or litigation. She will help you understand your legal rights and legal choices in detailed and easy to understand terms and will work tirelessly with you to achieve the best possible results as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Ingrid Gherman is the matrimonial lawyer you should turn to, whether your case requires a sharp courtroom litigator or an agile negotiator who can guide the amicable process of mediation.

If you need a divorce lawyer or child custody attorney in New York City and vicinity, speak to one family lawyer who has long years of experience and who will work with determination and expertise, contact Ingrid Gherman at (212) 941-0767 or send in the on-line inquiry form.

Beyond her thorough understanding and hands-on experience of all aspects of matrimonial and family law, Ingrid Gherman is particularly known for her caring and compassion for her clients. She is always seeking a result that is in the best interest of the children in the middle of parents’ bitterly contested custody cases and is devoted to the belief that “justice be done.”

Justice does not always coincide with the matrimonial laws and Court Orders. However, as a family law attorney ardently committed to fairness within the laws of New York State, Ingrid Gherman can help bridge that gap and find ways to bring about a just outcome for her clients and their children especially one that protects and enforces the all the legal rights available to her clients.

A divorce lawyer who listens

You have a story to tell and New York divorce attorney Ingrid Gherman wants to hear it. Every divorce or family law case is unique and specific. In the initial consultation, she takes the time to listen to your unique family situation and gathers the facts of your case. Only after assessing your very particular issues, problems, and circumstances, will all the legal options open to you become apparent. Ingrid will explain those options to you in your very first consultation. She goes beyond what is expected of a busy New York City attorney. She will answer your questions and address your concerns and will explain New York family and matrimonial law in clear and easy to understand manner and demonstrate how the law applies to your case. She will also develop and describe your legal strategy and discuss your options, from the most aggressive litigation to the fastest and most efficient ways to negotiate a successful amicable settlement and proceed to file your uncontested divorce in the NY Supreme Court. Added to this, are her long-years of experience winning appeals in matrimonial cases in the Appellate Division. Whatever the best way to conduct your case, Ingrid considers it her obligation to walk her clients through every stage and nuance of the legal process of separation, divorce, or child custody disputes in the Family Courts and the Supreme Courts.

We can represent clients in all aspects of New York matrimonial law

Unlike many NY divorce attorneys who may specialize in limited aspects of family law, Ingrid Gherman’s practice has a high degree of detailed hands-on experience in all matrimonial legal issues. Cases she has handled successfully include contested divorces with and without children; same sex marriage and divorce; complex divorce; high net-worth divorce; distribution of marital debts; late-life divorce; all types of child custody litigation and parenting agreements; child custody and visitation modification; enforcement of child custody and support; issues of social media and divorce; legal separation and separation agreements; pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreement; divorce mediation; grandparents’ custody and visitation; child relocation issues; spousal maintenance and support (also known as alimony); pre-divorce temporary maintenance awards; post-divorce maintenance awards; equitable distribution of marital assets including spouse’s retirement benefits; and orders of protection in cases of domestic violence and uncontested divorce.

Additionally, she has resolved cases for her client’s through complicated litigation in the courts up to and including appellate remedies as well as though mediation and collaborative divorce. It is not always apparent which legal path will be most warranted or effective in your particular legal case. Ingrid Gherman will not only be able to determine the best option but can bring your case to its best and fairest conclusion.

Matrimonial and family law in New York State is very daunting to traverse. But its complexities and facets can be simplified and unlocked by a divorce lawyer who knows the ropes and has spent decades helping clients successfully facing these challenges. Case after case Ingrid Gherman has done this. Because she is a sole practitioner, you will receive personal attention direction from her at all times and she will be on hand to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns.

Discover your options: Schedule a consultation with Ingrid Gherman today

The first consultation with Ingrid Gherman will be devoted exclusively to your particular case. It is not a standardized conference done by rote. It is important that you bring all your legal and financial documents to this consultation. After your initial consultation with Ingrid Gherman you will begin to understand your case and how to move forward wit a particular strategy in place. You will come away from that meeting with a very clear understanding of the issues of your case and what legal paths are open to you. If you choose to retain New York divorce lawyer Ingrid Gherman as your attorney, she has the experience to see the divorce process successfully through to the end. Do you have a matrimonial problem, which needs resolution? Contact Ingrid Gherman for a consultation at: (212) 941-0767 or fill out the on-line form.

Client Reviews
"Just a quick note to thank you for all your legal advice during my separation and divorce. I’ve received all the QDRO info from TIAA CREF so it’s finally officially over! Your positive attitude really helped me to persevere through the legal quagmire of court in Brooklyn." G.G., Former Client
"I never imagined the success you’ve shown me in my current case, Ingrid! I’m shocked at the results you’ve shown me that is possible." D.M., Client
"I don't know how I could have gotten through my divorce without Ingrid. Her knowledge, concern, professionalism and diligence gave me peace of mind during my long, ugly divorce case. Ingrid knew my case inside and out, and she listened to me. She was always there for me -- at ridiculous moments and at important moments. Her caring and deliberate work helped renew my faith in the legal profession." R.W., Former Client
"I feel extremely fortunate to have been Ingrid's client. She helped me immensely and in a way both supportive and professionally competent. Ingrid is a formidable, talented and effective advocate. She was always well-prepared, caring and compassionate; and her strategy and thoughtfulness clearly demonstrated Ingrid's knowledge and expertise in family law. I am very grateful for your excellent work!" J.B., Former Client
"Having Ingrid Gherman as my divorce attorney has been a blessing in my life during these very difficult and troubling times. Ingrid treated me with respect, showing endless care and compassion. Ingrid has been very professional and thorough. She has aggressively protected my children's best interest with heartfelt sensitivity and care." M.S., Former Client
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