Bronx Divorce Attorney


Manhattan-based family law attorney has been assisting Bronx residents with matrimonial legal problems for more than 35 years. Bronx County cases she has handled in both Supreme and Family courts span the full range of matrimonial issues from simple or complex divorce to prenuptial agreements.

Clients needing help in these courts on family matters have come to Ingrid from neighborhoods throughout the Bronx spanning from Fordham in the Northeast to Melrose in the Southwest.

Originally part of Westchester County until 1895, Bronx County (commonly known as “the Bronx”) is now the northernmost of the five boroughs of New York City. It is also the only borough besides Manhattan on the “mainland”, occupying 42 square miles of the island’s the northern tip. The borough is named for the Swede Jonas Bronck, amongst the first European settlers in 1639 which set up along the Harlem River, taking the land from the native Lenape people.

Today the Bronx is home to an ethnically and economically diverse population of over 1.4 million and growing. It is the third most densely populated counties in the U.S. and contains one of the poorest congressional districts in the country. Sensitive to this diversity, Ingrid Gherman has worked with Bronx clients from all positions on the economic ladder and from all cultures.

Supreme Court

Jurisdiction over divorce cases that are filed in the Bronx rests with the Supreme Court located at 851 Grand Concourse near the old Yankee Stadium. Ingrid Gherman’s experience in this court has been accrued over many years. Let that experience work for you. Are you seeking or contemplating a divorce in the Bronx? Ingrid can provide the legal representation and guidance you will need for a successful outcome. If you want to set up a consultation with Ingrid call (212) 941-0767 or send the on-line form. Whatever your matrimonial issue may be, Ingrid can help.

The Family Court

The Bronx Family Court is located at 900 Sheridan Avenue. Here cases on child support, custody, or other matters can be heard. This Court has jurisdiction concurrently with the Supreme Court over proceedings including spousal maintenance (alimony) and domestic violence and other issues. Ingrid Gherman has many years of experience appearing before and handling Family Court cases on a variety of proceedings. This enables her to give high quality representation to Bronx clients.

Appealing a court order or judgment

Jurisdiction for appealing cases in the Bronx rests with the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, the 1st Judicial Department. This court is located in Manhattan at 27 Madison Avenue. If your case requires an appeal of a court judgment or court order this is the court that will take the appeal. Should you need to appeal, it’s vital that you discuss this with a divorce lawyer who is qualified in handling appeals and is familiar with proceeding in this court. With over three decades of arguing and drafting appeals, Ingrid Gherman is the right attorney to call.

Amicable Legal Resolution of Matrimonial Issues

All of her courtroom experience is complemented by her qualifications and expertise in helping clients find and pursue methods of divorce that are less adversarial, less expensive, and better emotionally for all involved, including any children. Ingrid is a certified Divorce Mediator and has a great deal of experience in Divorce Mediation as well as in the 4-way negotiations in collaborative divorce. These are alternative ways of achieving amicable settlements on many divorce related issues. Ingrid always explores and makes these options available to clients before suggesting litigation. Do you have a matrimonial issue requiring legal resolution in Bronx Family or Supreme Courts? Contact divorce attorney Ingrid Gherman. Call for a consultation at (212) 941-0767 or use the easy on-line form.