Effects of Divorce

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The reality is that many spouses at least consider the possibility of a divorce at some point during a marriage. If a divorce may be on the horizon, you may have a lot of questions about not only the legal proceedings involved in ending your marriage but also the effects of divorce in general. Experienced New York City divorce lawyer Ingrid Gherman has helped her clients navigate dissolution of marriage proceedings for over three decades, and she can help you understand the multifaceted effects of a divorce.

Legal Effects of Divorce

Legal Effects of DivorceFirst and foremost, a divorce has the legal effect of ending the bonds of matrimony between two spouses. This typically means that any jointly owned property must be divided by the court during the divorce proceedings, and provisions must be made for custody and visitation of any minor children of the spouses. Under New York law, the divorce court must make what is called an “equitable distribution” of marital property when a couple chooses to end their marriage. There are many factors that go into determining who gets a certain asset. New York is not a community property state in which everything is automatically split down the middle.

Financial Effects of Divorce

One of the most long-lasting and potentially devastating effects of a divorce is the financial impact that the end of the marital relationship can have on one or both spouses. This is one reason why a spouse should consult a knowledgeable attorney rather than attempting to handle the divorce on their own. Since disputes over money are among the most common reasons for a marriage to end, it is no surprise that dividing property and determining spousal maintenance (alimony) can be extremely contentious. It is not unusual for a spouse to go so far as to hide assets in an attempt to keep a disproportionate share for himself or herself. A seasoned New York City attorney can help make sure that each spouse gets his or her fair share of the marital estate and, if appropriate, an adequate amount of temporary or permanent alimony.

When children are involved, financial matters can be even more complicated, since child support will also need to be considered. The financial impact of a divorce can be especially difficult on the children, especially if the end of their parents’ marriage means that a stay-at-home spouse must return to work, extracurricular activities must end because the custodial parent can no longer afford the expense, or one or both parents must take on financial responsibility for stepchildren in the years after the divorce.

Emotional and Psychological Effects of Divorce

In addition to the legal and financial consequences of divorce, there can also be emotional and psychological effects for both the parents and the children. These include guilt, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, rebellion, and even substance abuse. The end of a marriage can have a long-lasting detrimental effect on the relationship between a parent and a child, especially when a divorce is protracted and contentious. Holidays, vacations, and other shared experiences can take on a different tone. Relationships with grandparents, extended family members, and even friends can also change after a divorce.

Minimize the Negative Effects of Divorce by Hiring a Skilled Family Lawyer

While some of the consequences of a divorce may be inevitable, the benefits of having a compassionate and knowledgeable divorce lawyer at your side cannot be overstated. Attorney Ingrid Gherman practices family, matrimonial, and divorce law throughout New York State. She is also a Certified Divorce Mediator with the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation and is available for mediation proceedings in all five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island), as well as in Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. Call us at 212-941-0767 or contact us online today to learn more about Attorney Gherman’s services.