Ingrid Gherman: High-Net Worth Divorce Attorney In New York

Golden AppleWhen married couples with a high net worth are seeking to be divorced in NY, there are complex issues that must be considered; for example: how to continue the lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage; distributing the marital assets; the amount and duration of maintenance (alimony) and calculating child support payable to the custodian parent. High Net Worth divorces require the skills of a sophisticated, knowledgeable and experienced NY lawyer who will “leave no stone unturned” in order to protect your interests in your high asset divorce.

For more than 35 years, Ingrid Gherman has protected the interests of high net worth clients with significant wealth and assets which must be divided between the spouses in a divorce action in NY. IG has handled many High Net Worth Divorces in the Supreme Court by complex litigation as well as by negotiating amicable, out-of-court agreements. She has successfully negotiated many settlement agreements for her high Net Worth clients. However, when a fair, amicable settlement agreement cannot be obtained through negotiation, IG has the legal knowledge and practical skills required to handle complicated, and ferociously contested high net worth divorces. She often represents the interests of professionals, lawyers, doctors, and spouses of affluent spouses in divorce cases in NY.

Protecting your privacy

Ms. Gherman’s approaches every high asset divorce client with personal attention and treats you as a family member, protecting your privacy and charging reasonable legal fees. Her experience in high-asset divorce cases in NY includes her appreciation of both financial and emotional aspects of the distribution of marital assets in high net worth divorces.

There are many, many spouses who are not aware of the nature and extent of the other spouse’s true income. Most commonly in marriages of long duration, these spouses have no idea of all the marital assets acquired during the marriage. It is possible for a spouse to accumulate bank accounts, retirement benefits and investment accounts without the knowledge of the other spouse. Some spouses will intentionally hide marital assets to keep them for themselves. An experienced high net worth attorney has the ability to find out whether or not hidden assets exist. It is impossible and highly prejudicial to negotiate an amicable settlement agreement unless all of the parties’ marital assets are disclosed and evaluated by expert forensic accountants, pension appraisers and licensed real estate appraisers. It is equally impossible to obtain a fair result from a financial trial without presenting all of the marital assets and their respective values.

Seek out a matrimonial attorney with expertise in high net worth cases

High Net Worth Clients should seek out divorce lawyers with the knowledge and experience required to handle the different issues that wealthy clients have to deal with. High net worth clients should have the support and assistance of experienced lawyers who are also familiar with the skilled experts (forensic and business accountants, private investigators, real estate appraisers, pension appraisers and financial analysts) who specialize in High Net Worth divorces. To discuss more with Ingrid Gherman concerning these issues, contact her law office at (212) 941-0767 or send in your questions using the on-line form.