My Philosophy

Philosophy My role as a divorce, matrimonial and family law attorney is to breach the legal and structural issues facing a family in the midst of a dissolving marriage and address the human factors; the dread of displacement and uncertainty and the pain of loss. Family law is, by nature, a sensitive and emotional arena which requires not only skill, but also caring and empathy. I deeply understand this, which means that my clients are not just “cases” to me but are “people” who are going through a dislocating and often frightening experience. Therefore, I believe it to be my responsibility to listen carefully to everything my clients have to say. Those who are seeking my help deserve nothing less than my full attention on every level.

I always seek my clients’ input

My primary goal it to help my clients get expeditiously through the divorce experience or legal case so that they can move on with their lives. I seek to do so as quickly as possible, to move a case forward with speed and efficiency. My work resolving a client’s case reflects the client’s input and my thirty plus years of knowledge, expertise, and experience in this area of law. Above all, I am devoted to preserving the rights of my clients, seeking fairness, and protecting the health and welfare of any child or children involved.

I offer options of both amicable settlement and skilled litigation

It is possible, I believe, to bring about an exceptional legal outcome with a humane approach aimed at resolving spousal discord and family conflict. As an experienced litigator, I will make all legal options available to my client and will do so with focus and determination. However, matrimonial and family law attorneys must take on a variety of roles. Always first I will make every effort through mediation or collaborative divorce to negotiate a fair, reasonable and amicable settlement in an effort to avoid escalating hostilities and tensions. As a certified divorce mediator, I see it as a responsibility to make clients aware of the less adversarial and more cooperative approach. Only when all options for cordial negotiations are exhausted, will I explore courtroom solutions with my client. Even when a case must go to litigation, I have the responsibility to conduct the case with civility towards the entire family. After all, it is likely that some contact within the family will continue to endure in some form even after a divorce is final.

In my experience I have found that in many cases an amicable settlement cannot be achieved in spite of all attempts made by both clients and attorneys. If a trial is necessitated, I have, over the more than 35 years in practice, acquired the legal knowledge, experience and skill to represent clients in even the most complex divorce cases and to do so from a position of strength. After attempting solutions through amicable settlement, my primary job is to advocate for my clients legal rights, especially those that enable them to achieve financial security and maintain their property and assets.

Keeping communications flowing

Knowing that lack of communication can be extremely frustrating for clients I am committed to discussing all aspects of the case with clients thus avoiding confusion and discomfort. I make every effort to respond as quickly as is possible communications from clients and to always answer all questions promptly. I am particularly sensitive to the unique needs of each of my clients and handle every case accordingly.

Obtaining the right legal representation is your first important step towards concluding your matrimonial case successfully and enabling you to move forward in life. I am absolutely committed to providing you with exceptional, compassionate, professional, and effective legal representation in all aspects of divorce and matrimonial law.

Ingrid Gherman, Esq.

Ingrid Gherman