Practice Areas

Ingrid Gherman’s law firm is a full spectrum matrimonial and family law practice offering clients dedicated and personal legal representation in all aspects of this legal field within the state of New York. Divorce and all the various facets of it comprise the majority of Ingrid’s cases. Divorce, however, can be a relatively straight forward process concluded out of court through non adversarial mutual negotiations by the spouses in a mediation or collaborative setting or it can become extremely complex including long litigation in a New York Supreme Court and possibly even longer appeals process in an appellate division. The cases most often include with dividing of the property and assets of the marriage and determining spousal support and maintenance (also known as alimony).

When children are involved then custody arrangements must be determined which include visitation rights. In addition, child support awards to the custodial parent need to be agreed to and enforced. Issues involving children can be the most difficult to resolve emotionally, logistically, and legally. Often New York Family Court will need to be the legal venue for resolving issues involving children when couples divorce. Especially in these matters involving children it is essential that representation be by a family law attorney skilled and experienced in all the specifics of this area. Ingrid Gherman’s long years of handling child custody, support and visitation matters provides her with skills necessary to obtain successful outcomes for clients in these disputes.

Ingrid also provides legal matrimonial services for negotiating marital agreements such as prenuptial, postnuptial, and separation agreements.

If you are in need of a New York divorce attorney to represent and guide you in any aspect of a family or matrimonial case, contact Ingrid Gherman at (212) 941-0767 or send in the on-line form for more information.