Staten Island Divorce Lawyer

Staten IslandServing Staten Island clients in divorce and child custody cases for more than 35 years

For more than three decades Staten Island residents needing legal help with divorce, child custody, and all matters of family law have turned to seasoned matrimonial lawyer Ingrid Gherman. Her comprehensive divorce law practice has provided assistance to clients from all parts of Staten Island and all social strata:

  • Each and every client is represented with profound care and concern
  • Personal consideration and attention is given to each case
  • Superior legal knowledge in all areas of matrimonial law are at the client’s disposal
  • Prompt and continuous communication is maintained at all times
  • A proven record of success in Richmond County Supreme and Family Courts

Ingrid Gherman has obtained countless successful outcomes for clients in Richmond County courts on matters of:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Equitable distribution of marital assets
  • Marital and pre-marital agreements
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony)
  • Enforcement and modification of court orders and judgments
  • Domestic violence
  • All family law and matrimonial issues
Do you live in Staten Island and require assistance of an experienced divorce attorney?

The Richmond County Supreme Court is located at 18 Richmond Terrace. This court has jurisdiction over all divorce cases filed in Staten Island. Ingrid Gherman has successfully served the interests innumerable clients in this court. She can provide you with the advice, guidance and legal representation you will require to navigate the court for a successful outcome to your case. If you need help with any matrimonial issue or problem, Ingrid can help. Call to set up an appointment with Ingrid for a phone or office consultation (212) 941-0767 or send the on-line inquiry form.

Family Court in Richmond County

Family Court in Richmond County is at 100 Richmond Terrace, just two blocks west of St. George Terminal. This court may be the venue for cases involving various family disputes including custody, visitation, child and spousal support, or domestic violence. Ingrid’s vast years of experience in diverse Family Court proceedings has enabled her to successfully argue in this legal venue. The outcome of your case can be dependent upon having an experienced family law attorney such as Ingrid Gherman representing you in matters before this court.

In either courtroom litigation or amicable mediation Ingrid Gherman can help

In addition to her long years of litigation experience in the courtroom, Ingrid is Divorce Mediator, certified in the State of New York. She is experienced in divorce mediation and collaborative divorce as alternative and amicable means of achieving divorce settlements. Before suggesting expensive and lengthy litigation, Ingrid always considers and offers these non-confrontational methods of marriage dissolution.

If you are a Staten Island resident and have a matrimonial or family problem that requires legal resolution in either the Family Court or the Supreme Court in Richmond County, get help from someone with a proven track-record of success, contact Ingrid Gherman for a consultation. Call (212) 941-0767 or use the easy on-line form.