Steering Through the Stress of a Divorce

Steering Through the Stress of a DivorceSteering Through the Complexities, Dislocation, and Stress of a Divorce

It is stressful to undertake a divorce in New York State, or anywhere for that matter. A divorce is essentially a lawsuit that dissolves a marriage. Whether the marriage has been of a long or short duration, this is most often a painful experience for the entire family, especially for children.

The issues concerning separation and divorce, child custody, child support, maintenance, the equitable distribution of marital assets and debts are all addressed in a contested divorce lawsuit. This can be a very complex, highly technical process during which strategy decisions are constantly made together with the client, as a team.

Regardless of the continuing and time-consuming legal work, going through a divorce carries with it intense, painful emotions that can interfere with your ability to function in everyday life. This emotional turmoil is added to the physical dislodgment during which living arrangements are changing on a temporary or permanent basis. You may worry about: “What will come next?” or “What will happen to my children?” or “How will my children and I live now?” These are all vital concerns and the process by which they are sorted out can be difficult, confusing, and tense. It is important that you learn to unwind and cope with the stress. Center yourself on positive thinking, self-motivation and improvement such as moving forward in your life, staying active, and healthy.

Ways to cope during a divorce

What are some of the ways you can cope with stress during your difficult divorce process? Reach out to your “support system” of friends, relatives, or meet with a group of people who are facing similar problems and exchange information and resources during this difficult time. Find relaxation and enjoyment time for yourself and your children. Engage in some activity of physical fitness to make you feel and look better and relieve stress. Don’t worry needlessly about things in your life that you cannot t control, including the actions of your spouse. Avoid making big decisions other than those related directly to your divorce process. And, most importantly, engineer ways to move forward with your life and think about a fresh start.

growing plantGet help

Placing yourself in the hands of an experienced and concerned NY divorce attorney who you trust, is one of the most important and necessary ways to protect your own and your children’s legal and financial rights. A compassionate and knowledgeable divorce lawyer can help you navigate through the difficult, and unpredictable period of stress and can relieve much of your fears and anxiety by explaining in clear, easy to understand words, what legal options are available; how the law applies to your case and what legal action she will take to achieve the best possible result for you.

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