What You Need to Know About New York Divorce

Divorce Decree Deciding and undertaking a divorce, like any life-changing experience, requires a deep appreciation of all that is involved in the process: legally, financially, emotionally, and logistically.

The first thing to know is that the divorce law, family law, and matrimonial laws differ from state to state. If you fulfill the New York residency requirements, then you are qualified to go forward and file an action for divorce in the State of New York.

You also need to know that New York divorce law offers seven grounds for a divorce, which included an option for “no fault” divorce that allows you to obtain a divorce without claiming your spouse has committed such offenses as abandonment, adultery, cruel or abusive treatment, etc.

Various Legal Options

It is also important you understand that not all divorces have to be decided by a Justice of the Supreme Court. There are options for divorce mediation, uncontested divorce, or collaborative divorce. These alternatives are preferable to long drawn-out and expensive trials and appeals. However, if amicable methods are not possible, litigation is the only alternative to decide issues such as distribution of marital property; support and maintenance (alimony); and child custody and visitation, if there are minor children involved.

Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer

If you decide to move forward with a divorce, the single most important thing you can do is to find an experienced New York divorce lawyer who can help you to assess your standing, rights, potential strategies, and legal options. We recommend that you do your own research first, such as you are doing now by reading this and other pages about the subject from various websites or printed material applicable to the NY matrimonial law. Then schedule a consultation, in person or on the phone, with a divorce attorney or, perhaps, more than one. Be sure that the lawyer is established in New York State, is highly experienced, and practices in matrimonial, divorce, and family law on a regular basis. After you have had the opportunity to have a thorough discussion with the divorce lawyer who satisfies your concerns, answers all your questions, and presents a clear map of your case and how to proceed with it, you should choose the attorney who best suites your needs. You should have full confidence that the attorney will be your tireless advocate and is in a position to obtain the results that you are entitled to. New York divorce lawyer Ingrid Gherman welcomes you to contact her office to schedule a consultation at your convenience. She devotes one hundred percent of her practice to matrimonial and family law and has more than 35 years experience practicing in the State of New York. You can reach her at (212) 941-0767 or you can submit the form from this website.

It is helpful that you bring all your financial and legal papers with you to the consultation. Prior to speaking with Mr. Gherman or any attorney, you are cautioned not to sign anything or make any agreements with your spouse, unless the terms of such agreements are reviewed by a competent attorney.

Emotional and Organizational Preparation

If you are going to embark upon a divorce, you need to be prepared, as the old adage states. Organize your financial papers, keep track of your expenses and receipts, make sure you established personal credit, and if you don’t have your own bank account, open one in your name only. At the right moment you will need to discuss your intentions with your spouse and, if children are involved, they will need to be carefully and compassionately prepared.

Finally, get yourself ready for what might be a stressful process, but also for a new life ahead. Take measures to assure your own and your children’s stability and put in place a support system from friends and family. Your divorce lawyer will be an important part of your support network. Ingrid Gherman has always provided, not only expert legal help, but has been able to offer clients assistance which enables them throughout the entire divorce process. Need to know more about divorce in New York? Call Ingrid Gherman at (212) 941-0767 to send in your inquiry using the on-line form.